Here’s the truth behind common seat belt misconceptions.

Seat belts save lives.  Unfortunately, many drivers and passengers do not think that they have to use seat belts because they believe common myths.  To ensure that you are informed and stay safe, here is the truth behind some of the most common seat belt myths.

Myth 1: Airbags replace the need for seat belt use.

In actuality, seat belts are designed to work with your car’s airbags.  In fact, if you are not wearing your seat belt when your airbags are deployed, then you risk serious airbag-related injuries.

Myth 2: Seat belts can trap you in a fire or when you are underwater.

Seat belts actually improve your chances of escaping a situation where your car is on fire or under water.  This is because your seat belt reduces your chances of getting knocked out, giving you a better chance of escaping the confines of the vehicle.

Myth 3: I do not need to wear my seat belt if I am driving slowly or only driving short distances.

Many drivers and passengers assume that they will be safe on routine trips because they are familiar with the area.  However, most fatal crashes happen within 25 miles of home and at speeds of less than 40 mph.  So, it’s important to buckle up any time you are on the road.

Myth 4: You are safer in bigger cars and therefore do not need to wear your seat belt.

It doesn’t matter how big your vehicle is; anytime you are involved in a crash, you face the risk for an accident.  Drivers and passengers of SUVs, pickups, and vans can reduce their risk of fatal injury by 60% by buckling up.

Make sure you and your passengers always buckle up. Want another way to stay safe on the road?  Then make sure you have the right auto insurance protections in place.  For assistance with all your car insurance needs, contact the experts at Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York today.