Tips for a Safe GraduationCelebrate Safely With This Guide

Graduation season is officially upon us! We want to send a huge congratulations to all of the students who just finished or are about to finish high school or college! You have put in a lot of hard work to set yourself up for future success, and we hope that you have a ton of fun celebrating your accomplishments. So you can enjoy your festivities without worry, use these graduation celebration safety tips.

  • Grilling: If you are planning to fire up the grill to add some fresh flavor to your festivities, make sure that your grill is at least 15 feet away from your house, other structures, and any foliage that could catch fire. Clean your grill grates after each use to ensure leftover fat and grease does not cause a flare-up. Finally, keep a spray bottle filled with water nearby so you can deal with any small flames without ruining dinner.
  • Driving: With all of the friends and family that come into town for graduation, there will likely be more traffic on the road. Make sure that you leave with plenty of time so you never have to dangerously rush to get to your destination. If you plan to have a drink during your celebrations (assuming you are of age), make sure you designate a driver or have a cab or rideshare ready to pick you up.
  • Sun Exposure: Odds are high a lot of your graduation festivities will be outdoors. Make sure that you are diligent in your sunscreen reapplication and drink plenty of water.

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