Tips for Shoveling Snow

Safely Clearing Your Snow-Covered Driveway

New York residents are no strangers to the task of shoveling snow, but did you know that completing this necessary chore causes a large majority of back injuries? Since so many individuals fail to take preventative action in avoiding injuries as they rush to shovel snow to get to work on time, so many avoidable injuries occur each winter. To ensure that you are able to remain injury-free, allow these tips for shoveling snow to guide you in completing this daunting chore:

  • Despite common neglect, this is a form of exercise, meaning you must warm-up before beginning. Whether you decide to do twenty jumping jacks before starting or stretching a little is up to you, but you must warm-up.
  • Whenever shoveling snow, never bend at the waist. Snow is heavy, and the last thing you want to do is throw your back out. Position yourself in a way that you can use your legs to elevate the snow.
  • As you toss snow, be sure to face the direction you are lifting. This will allow the motions to flow better. Also, avoid extending your arms while tossing snow.
  • Whenever possible, push snow as opposed to shoveling. If you can push a large majority of the snow to the sidelines, you will have less to shovel, meaning less risk of injury.
  • Shoveling snow is a strenuous activity. This means you must use your core, arms, and legs in performing this task. If you feel the need to take a couple breaks, do not beat yourself up. In fact, try to turn the tables and make this a positive experience. You are getting an amazing workout as you are using nearly every muscle in your body.

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