Tips for Storing Thanksgiving LeftoversThe holiday season is here which means the festivities are about to begin! As one of the most delicious holidays, Thanksgiving brings the family together for an amazing feast that often yields leftovers. Rather than allowing your Thanksgiving Dinner to go to waste after the special day, many of us send turkey leftovers home with everyone from the family to enjoy days after. Gathered are some important tips for storing Thanksgiving leftovers:

  • Make sure to store your leftovers within 2 hours of serving the feast. This will ensure that no harmful pathogens are passed during the waiting period.
  • When storing your Thanksgiving leftovers, make sure to do so in smaller portions as this allows everything to cool at a safer pace.
  • If you have stuffing in the cavity of the turkey, remove it and store it separately to avoid any risks of salmonella.
  • When refrigerating your Thanksgiving leftovers, you have about three to four days before they become spoiled. This method of storing should only be used when you intend to eat your leftovers immediately.
  • In contrast, freezing your Thanksgiving leftovers gives you about two to three months to enjoy the feast!
  • When reheating your Thanksgiving leftovers, make sure to do so outside of the plastic Tupperware, and only reheat the portion you will be eating. It is unsafe to reheat leftovers multiple times, so avoid doing so at all costs.
  • When it comes to reheating the delicious gravy, make sure to bring the gravy to a boil before indulging. This will ensure that the gravy is safe to eat.
  • Most importantly, toss anything that does not look or smell right, even if you followed all the rules. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

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