We all are going through a worrying time right now due to the coronavirus outbreak. None of us have the experience of fighting a pandemic, and most of us have never seen a war or a natural calamity in our lives. So, if you are feeling anxious at this moment, you are not alone.

Here’s how you can manage anxiety in coronavirus and keep your emotions in check:

1. Create a Schedule

Staying home at all times is not an easy task. To pep-up your mood and keep your life sorted, create a schedule for yourself. Wake up on time every day. Get ready, or at least have a bath before you sit down to work. Follow your pre-COVID- 19 schedules.

2. Say No to All-Day News

Fix the amount of the news you will consume in a day and also fix the channels you are going to watch or read. Do not leave the TV on in the background. Consuming the news throughout the day will increase your anxiety level.

3. Workout Everyday

Add a time slot for exercise in your schedule and workout daily. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, known to trigger a positive feeling in the body and reduce anxiety.

4. Socialize Online

Even if you are practicing social distancing, you can easily connect with your family or friends online. Sharing your feelings with them will help in reducing your anxiety.

5. Externalize Your Anxiety

Recognizing your anxiety is one of the effective ways to get some relief. Knowhow it is affecting you and what you can do to fight against it. Check whether sleep, exercise, or yoga is helping you reduce your anxiety.

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