There are perhaps few visions more tantalizing to thieves than a car loaded up with gifts. During this upcoming holiday season, as always, you can keep the bad guys at bay by following these common-sense practices:

Lock up. Always. You probably wouldn’t consider leaving your home unlocked if you went out. You should view your car the same way. And be sure all windows are completely closed, even when you are parked in front of your home. Statistics show that up to a quarter of vehicle thefts are from unlocked cars.

See the light. If you’re planning to hit the shops late in the day or before the crack of dawn, be sure to park in a busy area where it’s well lit, such as under a lamppost. Try not to park next to large vehicles, fences or foliage that can block your view of your car.

Keep a watchful eye. Be mindful of your surroundings and be alert for any activity near your vehicle. If you see anyone loitering, alert local security personnel.

Don’t provide temptation. Hide all gifts, electronic devices and other valuables in the trunk or under seats, out of view. Even an empty shopping bag could suggest what’s in your car. And don’t stash your property in your trunk while in the parking lot. A thief may be lurking and watching as you store your valuables.

Also, remove all evidence of devices, such as a GPS holder or power plug, and restore the cigarette lighter to its place.

Be alarmed. Equip your car with an alarm or other anti-theft device to deter a would-be burglar. And you may even get a discount on your insurance; ask your Independent Agent if you qualify. For more information, contact Scautub Agency today!