Umbrella Insurance Policy Scotia NYA Scotia, NY umbrella policy provides additional coverage to your home insurance.

An umbrella insurance is an overarching policy that provides extra liability insurance. It is designed to protect you from major claims and lawsuits by providing extra coverage of your homeowners, auto, and boat insurance policies.

While your current homeowners insurance policy provides you with personal liability, if you (or your home) causes damage to another person and the expenses related to the injury exceed your limit, umbrella insurance will kick in to cover remaining costs. Without extended liability limits, a single lawsuit could easily wipe out your savings, personal assets, and even put your home at risk.

Liability in Your Home & Beyond

Accidents happen. People can get sued for a number of things, both on and off premises. Some of these include:

At home:

  • A guest slips and falls near your pool
  • A child gets injured while jumping on your trampoline
  • Your child’s friend gets ill from food that you serve at a party

Outside of the home:

  • While on a walk, your dog bites your neighbor or their dog
  • Your newly-qualified teen driver gets into a car accident and injuries someone
  • Your rental car is damaged while you’re on vacation

Included Benefits

Umbrella insurance offers broader liability coverage in certain circumstances. For example, where your homeowners insurance ends, your umbrella insurance begins, meaning that you have exceptional coverage. However, it does more than just cover you at home, it covers you for liability anywhere in the world. Say you were driving in Europe and were to injure someone, you would most likely be covered by your umbrella policy!

If you have valuable assets that you do not want to lose in a lawsuit, umbrella insurance is the way forward. Contact Scautub Agency, serving Scotia and the surrounding areas of New York for the insurance that you need and deserve.