Use These Tips & Homeowners Insurance to Prevent Water Damage ExpenseWater damage expense can be prevented if you use this guide and Scotia, NY homeowners insurance.

A little water spilt on the floor is no problem. Much better that than something like cola or red wine that could stain your carpet! A lot of water spilt on your floor can be a major problem, though. Even an inch of water in your home will do tens of thousands of dollars in damage if it has the chance to soak into your walls and personal property.

To make sure your never face water damage and the major expense that comes with it, use these tips and your Scotia, NY homeowners insurance to prevent water damage.

  • Work on Drainage: When you think about drainage around your home, you might be thinking of the grade sloping away from your house and paths for water to flow away from your property. Have you considered how water will drain off your home, though? It’s important you keep your gutters and downspouts clear so water has an unobstructed path off and away from your house.
  • Protect your Pipes: One of the most common causes of water damage in the home is a burst pipe. Avoid this issue by using a drain snake instead of unclogging chemicals to avoid damaging your pipes, pouring grease into a container that you put in the trash instead of down the drain, and insulating pipes exposed to the cold air outside.
  • Know your Trees: If you’re planting a tree with notoriously invasive roots (e.g. a weeping willow), keep it far away from pipes, drainage fields, and septic tanks.

If your home does experience water damage, would your existing coverage be sufficient to protect your family? To understand exactly where your homeowners insurance can protect you in the face of rising waters, contact Scautub Agency. We’re committed to protecting families in Scotia and the surrounding New York area and are here to serve you.