Understanding what will be covered by your auto insurance is important; that way, you know the correct amount of coverage you need for your policy.

A cell is composed of organelles that each serves a different purpose in order for it to carry on living and functioning properly. Like a cell, an auto insurance policy is also made out of different parts that must work in unison for the auto insurance to adequately serve you when you need it most: that is, when your car is involved in an accident. Without a proper working auto insurance policy, you could be forced to pay a huge sum of money from your own pocket. Here is a scenario in which a moose jumped in front of you, you swerved to avoid it, and hit a white minivan; we’ll explain what parts of your auto insurance take effect to serve their own particular purpose.

What Covers What

The Family in the White Minivan

  • Since you, not the moose, will likely be found to be at fault, your BODILY INJURY LIABILITY coverage will cover the other person’s medical bills.

Your Whiplash

  • Assuming you strained your neck and have to visit the doctors to get it fixed, your PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION (PIP) will cover the bills. Similarly, if there no one was found at fault, their PIP will cover them.

The Traffic Light

  • If you’ve put a dent on a traffic light, or even knocked it over, your PROPERTY DAMAGE COVERAGE will make repairs to any property you’ve damaged, including the traffic light and the minivan.

Your Car

  • COLLISION COVERAGE will help pay for the repairs or replacement of your automobile. There’s usually a deductible involved that you’ll have to pay before the policy takes effect.

For full coverage on your auto insurance and peace of mind knowing your policy will have the right limits when an accident occurs, contact Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York.