Everything is unpredictable, right? How would you react if your car gets towed? How would you react if it happened one day while you were just gone for 10 minutes?

It is essential to be prepared and make decisions if this happens. Here’s how to assess the situation and retrieve your car from the impounding lot.

Stay Calm

No matter how outrageous or disappointed you may be at the moment, you need to adopt a practical approach to address the towing company politely.

Discover the Location of the Car’s Tow

If you have mistakenly parked your vehicle in a lot that prohibits parking, ask around to know where cars are towed to. In case you can’t find the information, contact the police.

Do not call 911; instead, call the police department’s non-emergency number. In some major cities, they publish information on their respective websites that lists towed vehicles’ information.

Prepare for Necessary Funds

If your car gets towed for overtime on a metered space, there will be a parking ticket. You should call the impound to know the exact charges you will be required to pay and an accepted mode of payment before going there to collect your vehicle.
Some impounds add a per-day storage fee and if that is your case, close the matter as soon as possible, or it will affect the final payout. A removal fee would be added to the charges list if your car was immobilized with a boot device before being towed.

Prepare the Necessary Documents

On the call, ask about what documents you need to retrieve your car. Generally, they will ask for a driver’s license, proof of ownership, insurance coverage, and registration.

In case you don’t have proper insurance in place, you will have to purchase a policy before being able to retrieve your car.

Get Your Car Back!

As long as you have all the documents and money to settle the account, the retrieval process should go without a hitch.

What Should I Do If I Feel I Was Wrongfully Towed?

You may park in the correct parking zone, and your car may get towed wrongfully. In such a scenario, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Take ample photographs of where you parked your car
  • File a formal complaint with your local law enforcement agency
  • Take pictures of your automobile after you remove it from the impounding lot, so you have documentation of any damage the tow truck may have caused. You might be eligible for compensation for the losses.

Will My Insurance Cost Be Affected If My Car Got Towed?

Your insurance prices might be impacted if it happens frequently. As a result, be cautious where you park your automobile and never do so in a forbidden area.

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