What to Know About Classic Car Insurance

Classic car drivers appreciate the beauty that a car can have if it is kept in pristine condition, but is there coverage for classic cars that protects them against classic car risks?

Your classic car drivers are not your everyday drivers, and their classic cars are not the everyday cars, either. Normal cars often depreciate in value as time moves on, but not these. Actually, classic cars increase in value if they are well-maintained. Because of this, they require special insurance in order to be fully protected. Here are a few tips on how you can get the classic car insurance that you and your car need.

Insurance Eligibility

For your car to be eligible for classic car insurance, it must fit at least one of the following definitions for a classic or antique car:

  • Classic Car: A vehicle that is over ten years old, that is also a rare make and model due to limited production of the vehicle or exceptional workmanship.
  • Antique Car: A vehicle that is over twenty-five (25) years old. If a classic car is older than twenty-five years, it is considered antique for insurance purposes.

If your car meets the age requirements listed above, it must also meet the usage criteria for it to be insured properly:

  • Condition: The car must be maintained, preserved, or restored in excellent condition. If the car is not in pristine condition, some insurers may choose not to insure the vehicle.
  • Limited Use: Your antique or classic vehicle had to have been used and is currently only used on a very limited basis.
  • Storage: It may be required that your classic car is stored in a secured garage to deter theft.

If you have a classic car and want to protect it with classic auto insurance to avoid classic car risks, contact Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York.