Is it possible to get a car insurance policy without a license? It can be a little difficult to find an insurance provider willing to offer you coverage, but it isn’t impossible. Start by making cold calls to as many insurance agencies as you know. If they are not willing to offer you coverage, check any local insurance service providers.

Reasons to Have Car Insurance Without a License

You Need a Chauffeur

People who can’t drive or do not drive because they have a chauffeur to drive them around can get a car insurance policy without a license. This is usually common amongst senior citizens who cannot drive anymore.

Your Vehicle Is Considered a Collectible Item

This is usually the case for vintage cars or other luxury cars that are rarely used. They are mostly kept in storage and are driven minimal distances or put on display at car shows. Insurance providers can give you comprehensive coverage that excludes coverage for damages resulting from driving. This coverage usually protects the vintage car from theft and vandalism.

Teen Driver

If you have a teen driver with a learner’s permit or license, you’ll need a car insurance policy to protect your car from possible damage whenever the teen driver uses your car.

A Suspended License

A suspended license can usually be redeemed by getting car insurance.

Conditions for Getting Car Insurance Without a License

It’s difficult enough to get car insurance, and it can be more difficult if you do not have a license. Whatever your reasons, there are still conditions in place that must be met in order to qualify.

First, the law of your state must allow for getting car insurance without a license. Usually, the state law doesn’t make it mandatory. Nevertheless, it is likely that your premium will be high. This is because the absence of a license means no driving records, and this increases your risk to the insurance provider. Also, in the absence of a license, there will be a limited number of service providers willing to sell insurance to you.

How Much Car Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

It’s customary in most states to get minimum coverage before you drive. Some car dealers won’t sell cars to people without a license. You may be able to evade this by bringing someone with a valid license or showing some government ID.

Minimum coverage includes property damage liability coverage, injury liability coverage, and sometimes uninsured motorist coverage to protect you from personal injury. Uninsured motorist coverage covers personal injuries and damages done to your car when an uninsured person hits your car.

It is possible to get insurance coverage without a license, although your options are limited and the premium will be high. You can trust our experts at Scautub Agency to assist you in navigating this process and securing the best policy for you, whatever your circumstances may be. Contact us today.