Working from home became the norm after the pandemic started. Even while the pandemic spirals down, companies still have some of their staff work from home. Some now run shifts between working from the office and working from home. Whatever your case may be, you’ll need to be sure that your home insurance can provide coverage for your work equipment. For example, consider the computer you use to work from home and its access to confidential information. If anything were to occur, it could result in a liability that you may be unable to afford.

Cover Your Electronics

Although your work equipment should be covered under your home insurance, there’s a limit to how much your insurance provider can pay out for electronics in your home insurance policy. As such, the cost of your work equipment is an important consideration to get coverage. It’s also important to consider the worth of any equipment that you move regularly between the office and your home. If it’s above $2,500, you will need separate coverage.

Since you may be working from home, it’s important to check your home insurance policy for any coverage of electronic devices. This may provide some protection for your office equipment, even though they are not technically house properties. If your home insurance policy lacks this kind of coverage, it may be worth paying the additional cost to mitigate any risks.

Talk to Your Agent and Your Employer

You can start by having a conversation with your insurance provider to know what’s obtainable in your policy. Are there any grey areas in your policy that will allow you the coverage you need without having to spend the extra money? While you converse with your insurance provider, it is a smart choice to engage your employer. Let your employer know how much coverage you’d need for office equipment. This way, you can get relief funds from the office to cover insurance of equipment in your home.

Note that if you do not inform your insurance provider of your new status working from home, it can impact your home insurance negatively. It puts your home insurance policy at risk. Inform your insurance provider of the work you do and the nature of the work. Disclose as much as possible to enable your insurance provider to offer the best policy that guarantees comprehensive coverage.  Sometimes the nature of work is strictly clerical, while at other times the type of work can increase the foot traffic in your home. Your insurance provider needs to be aware of every possible risk to serve you efficiently.

Working from home also allows you to cut down on some other insurance policies. For example, the chances are likely that you use your car less often. The money you save from your auto policy can be used to pay for the extra coverage on your home insurance.

Home insurance doesn’t usually cover work equipment, but it’s possible to pay only a little extra for the coverage you need, rather than buying a new policy. If you need answers to any other insurance-related questions, contact the experts at Scautub Agency in Scotia, New York today. We will be happy to discuss all your insurance coverage needs.