Winter Driving Mistakes Scotia, NYDon’t make these mistakes this winter to help you stay safe on the roads.

The winter temperatures are continuing to drop, which means the roads are becoming more dangerous than ever. Since there is no way to completely avoid the roads this season, there are some steps that you can take to ensure you stay safe. Avoid these common winter driving mistakes to help yourself get to your destinations safe and sound.

  1. Not having enough traction – summer tires and old tires do not have the traction that you need to stick to the road. Swap out your tires with winter tires or new tires with plenty of traction to help your vehicle stay on the road.
  2. Following closely – on ice and snow covered roads, everything will take much longer to do. If you are too close to the car ahead of you, you will not have the time you need to react. Leave at least five car lengths ahead of your vehicle to help stay safe.
  3. Driving fast – posted speed limits are meant for perfect weather and road conditions. Drive at least 10 miles an hour slower on winter roads than you would when the roads are clear.
  4. Driving while tired – getting behind the wheel of your car tired can be as dangerous as driving while drunk. Most people don’t realize that driving on winter roads takes much more energy than driving on clear roads. If you feel yourself falling asleep, pull over and rest.
  5. Driving with little visibility – snow can make it much harder to see where you are going and any potential hazards that are up ahead. Keep your windows clear and make sure your headlights are working properly before heading out.

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