If you want to increase wellness in your workplace, use these tips.      

You’ve probably given at least a little thought to workplace wellness. After all, you want to protect your staff and keep them happy. By investing in workplace wellness you reap a number of other benefits, too; you not only safeguard your workforce but also your bottom line! Fewer rundown and sick employees means increased productivity and decreased medical expenses.

If you want to help foster healthy, happy employees to protect your team and your business, use this guide to workplace wellness.

  • Set & Measure Goals: It’s all well and good to say you want a healthier workplace, but if you don’t define your goals and measure your progress towards them it will be easy to get off track. Work with your team to come up with goals (e.g. under 5 percent of staff smokers by the end of the year, 100 miles walked by the end of the month) and track them somewhere visible in the office.
  • Identity Role Models: Let’s be honest. Healthy living is not the easiest thing. To motivate your staff to continue on the path towards it, identify wellness champions who are modeling a healthy lifestyle and make sure you walk the walk yourself.
  • Make It Easy: Your employees are a lot more likely to see success in their wellness goals if you set them up for it. Replace unhealthy snacks with great food choices in the break room, make more of your meetings walking ones, offer stand-up desks, and look for other ways to encourage healthy living on the job.

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